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It has been a bit hectic dealing with so many things, that I have not been able to see straight.

It is like I have been flung onto this crazy rollercoaster, up and down, whipping side to side and it has been difficult to take a moment and meditate on my thoughts.

There was a moment where I had to literately get myself a hotel room for the night just to get away from the madness to clear my head and comfort my soul. Which is something I suggest to all women who feel a bit overwhelmed with family, work, and everything in between because let us face it, we tend to take on entirely too much!!! We need and we must take care of ourselves emotionally and spiritually from time to time in order not to fall completely apart!!!!

For most of us, we are the glue that holds everything together and that’s how God and the universe (I am spiritual, so I tend to use both) made us.

My current journey has been a very interesting one filled with both stress and excitement and with that I have grown, and with growth things blossom.

As things blossom, my husband and I continue building a stronger foundation for us and our children continuously thanking our lord and savior as we walk in his grace.

Granted, it has not always been easy, but through the good and bad I take a deep breathe and say to myself, “God is good, all the time”.

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